Wonderful, compact-sized but highly capable camera, deeply discounted only because the pop-up flash stopped working.

If you need a working flash, this camera is not for you. (The camera does not have a hotshoe or any other means to drive an external flash.) I mostly take indoor, evening pictures with poor lighting, so the loss of flash is a problem for me. But if you use ambient light and don't need a flash, you can get beautiful pictures with this camera. See the daylight pictures I casually took, using my leftover Canon FD 50mm f1.8 lens attached to this NEX-3N with my $10 Fotasy adaptor. They are just in JPEG and have not been retouched. I am not a professional.

The camera's menus are in Japanese. If you (like me) don't know Japanese, you can figure out the menus because they match exactly the English menus described in the NEX-3N manual, which can be downloaded from Sony's website (though you wouldn't want to explore new menu choices in the heat of taking pictures). I became familiar quickly with the menu choices I use frequently. Many icons are pictorial.

The LCD is covered by a protective foil. When the foil was first applied, a small air pocket got trapped, but when the LCD is turned on, the view is clear, as can be seen from one of the photos. (By the way, the icons on the LCD are actually whitish, not blue as in the photo -- somehow the incandescent light I used turned the icon blueish.)

Included are:

+ NEX-3N camera body,
+ Rechargeable battery,
+ Body cap,
+ USB charging cable,
+ AC adaptor.

To use the camera, you'll need to supply your own lense, and an SC card.

Sorry US shipping only.

Please let me know if you have any questions.